Olitreva Objectives

  • To assist ARIJ in enhancing its competences and fund rising skills for a successful participation in international joint activities.
  • To build and reinforce scientific research cooperation between ARIJ and European centres of top-level research and scientific excellence working in the same field.
  • To increase the participation of Palestinian researcher centres in international projects by increasing awareness about available cooperation instruments for promotion of R&D with developing countries and particularly the European Framework Programmes.
  • To promote innovations on OMW treatment and valorization by promoting cross fertilization of ideas.
  • To raise public awareness on environmental threats engendered by improper disposal of OMW and to encourage active participation of citizens and stakeholders in finding sustainable solutions.


  • Provide a deep assessment of the existing S&T capacities of local research institutions dealing with OMW treatment, a basis that will be used by Palestinian researchers to build on and search for most efficient techniques that suits their national conditions.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and expertise between the European and Palestinian partners on OMW treatment and valorization.
  • Boost professional growth of young Palestinian scientist by training certain junior researchers on technical OMW treatment and valorization processes and on European project’s management related-issues.
  • Raise public awareness(scientific community, public authorities and society) on the necessity of sustainable and environmentally sound technologies for OMW treatment and valorization.
  • Increase the participation of the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem in regional and international projects in the field of OMW treatment and valorization.
  • Show examples of good practices in demonstrative activities of implemented OMW treatment technologies, and help Palestinian research institutes to chart the course of future research in the addressed field.