OLITREVA Public Library


The basic objective of the OLITREVA Public Library is to provide a variety of target groups with information on Olive Mill Waste Treatment and Valorisation in Palestine. Moreover, the OLITREVA library aims to give the opportunity to access to

  •  Relevant articles and reports that will be written under the project’s framework.
  •  A compilation of relevant literature of local researchers (articles, PhD thesis, news, etc).
  •  A special review of previous and on-going ERA-WIDE projects in the Mediterranean Region.
  •  Useful Links to all important issues related to Olive Mill Waste Treatment and Valorisation.

The OLITREVA Public Library has been structured as:

OLITREVA documents

All public documents produced in the OLITREVA project can be found here, including dissemination material such as technical papers, conference proceedings, guidelines, and more.


These are the most important outputs of the OLITREVA PUBLIC LIBRARY. All the information related to the field of Olive Mills Waste treatment and Valorization and the information of the experts in the field of OMW treatment and valorization can be found under the database.

Useful Links

Links to web pages of organizations with activities in the same field of OMW treatment and valorization, for example development related projects, authorities, research institutions, and NGOs, etc.

Note: Relevant literature / Information will be uploaded in due time.