Project Stucture

The content and structure of the work plan have been chosen to achieve the OLITRVA objectives as efficiently as possible, and within a period of three years. The first stage of the project will cover the assessment of the actual state of RTD capacities in the field of OMW treatment and valorisation. Based on the assessment results, the partners will evaluate challenges, opportunities and potential of this research area in Palestine. In turn, the second stage of the project will be devoted to strengthen RTD capacities of ARIJ by means of a tailor-made strategy for research and cooperation improvement and activities for capacity building. Finally, the dissemination activities seek at increasing international visibility of Palestinian researchers and research institutions, while fostering networking with peer organizations abroad in the frame of OLITREVA International Conference.

Work package 1: Assessment of RTD capacity.

The aim of this WP is to assess RTD capacity for OMW treatment and valorization in Palestine.

Work package 2: Challenges, opportunities and potential of research on OMW treatment and valorisation.

The aim of this work package is to identify challenges, opportunities and potential on OMW treatment and valorization research in Palestine and thus, to chart the course of future research in this field.

Work package 3: Development of research & cooperation strategy.

The aim of this work package is to develop a research and cooperation strategy in order to reinforce S&T and cooperation capacities of ARIJ.

Work package 4: Capacity building.

In line with the strategy previously set, this work package is entirely devoted to build S&T and cooperation capacities in Palestinian research centres. For that, two main activities will be implemented: development of a practical guide on cross-border cooperation and implementation of short-term visits and joint-experiments among OLITREVA partners.

Work package 5: Dissemination and networking activities.

The aim of this work-package is to increase international visibility of Palestinian researchers and research institutions devoted to OMW treatment and valorization by providing a platform to networking activities, transfer and exploitation of knowledge and best practices.

Work package 6: Project Management

The aim of this work package is to ensure an effective project management and co-ordination over the entire project duration.