Project Time Table

The project is intended to run for three years.

WP1 (Assessment of RTD capacity) will start at the kick-off meeting and will end by month 12. During this first stage OLITREVA’s framework will be set up by performing an assessment of the actual state of RTD capacity for OMW treatment and valorisation in Palestine. 

In WP2 and based on the result of WP1,  the challenges, opportunities and potential of research in the field of Olive Mill Waste in Palestine will be discuss and a public report will be prepare by month 18.

The research and cooperation strategy for ARIJ” within WP3 (development of research & cooperation strategy) will be ready by month 22 and updated at month 28 and 36.

In line with the research strategy, WP4 (Capacity Building) will focus on building S&T capacities by means of 1) a Practical Guide on Cross-border Cooperation and 2) the development of joint experiments. This work package will start at month 14 and finish at month 29.

The dissemination phase (WP5) will start at month 1, with work been carried out on several tasks in parallel. However it will be on month 11 when the activities of this work package will start to be more strongly perceived.