University of Extremadura

The University of Extremadura, a public institution located in the southwest of Spain and on the border with Portugal, was founded in 1973. The UEX is divided into four different campuses in the cities of Badajoz, Cáceres, Mérida and Plasencia.

The scientific output of Extremadura is ranked among the first six regions of Spain in the fields of Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Biological Sciences, Agriculture and Food Research. It also leads the average growth rate in five other fields: Agriculture and Food Research, Computer Studies, Social Sciences, Medicine, and Chemistry. Within the regional R&D&I system, the scientific output of the UEX accounts for 84% of the total amount. The University of Extremadura has about 25,000 students, where approximately 1,100 of which are enrolled in the doctorate programs (30% are foreing). It has 1,950 lecturers and professors (55% hold a doctorate), 1,475 of which have a full-time dedication, and 850 employees for administration and other services. The GORSAS group is made up of researchers who, since 1998, have grouped themselves together with the objective of carrying out inquiries which are prior and complementary to the study of the present project. The members of the group have broad experience in the study of soils and crops in Extremadura, of organic residues, and of the effects of implementing new, more sustainable systems (use of organic amendments and conservation farming techniques, integrated production…) on soil quality, crop parameters, and pesticide behavior.

Name: Dr. Antonio Lopez Piñeiro
Tel.: 924289355
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Avenida de Elvas s/n, CP 06006
Vice-rector for Research, Transfer and Innovation: Dr. Manuel Adolfo González Lena
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URL: http://www.unex.es