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The use of artichoke peroxidase to remove phenols from olive mill waste water

  • Sergio, L., De Paola, A., Linsalata, V., Cardinali, A., Vanadia, S., Di Venere, D.

The use of different forms of waste in the manufacture of ceramic bricks

  • Eliche-Quesada, D., Martínez-García, C., Martínez-Cartas, M.L., Cotes-Palomino, M.T., Pérez-Villarejo, L., Cruz-Pérez, N., Corpas-Iglesias, F.A.

Thin layer drying kinetics of by-products from olive oil processing

  • Montero, I., Miranda, T., Arranz, J.I., Rojas, C.V.

Toxicity effects of olive-mill wastewater on growth, photosynthesis and pollen morphology of spinach plants

  • Asfi, M., Ouzounidou, G., Panajiotidis, S., Therios, I., Moustakas, M.

Transformation of the water soluble fraction from

  • Saparrat, M.C.N., Jurado, M., Díaz, R., Romera, I.G., Martínez, M.J.

Transgenic tobacco plants expressing a fungal laccase are able to reduce phenol content from olive mill wastewaters

  • Chiaiese, P., Palomba, F., Galante, C., Esposito, S., de Biasi, M.-G., Filippone, E.
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